Peach and Tree is Jes Meacham and Aaron Hughes.

To put it simply, we love taking photos. There’s nothing we enjoy more than capturing the beautiful moments we see before us. It’s not just something we do for fun, or to pass the time. It’s something we seek, something that captivates us, consumes us, something that we are more than passionate about.

People are generally our primary focus and what better expression of this than the extravagance or simplicity of the human expression found on a day of matrimony. We aim to capture this completely naturally, to the best of our ability, so that you might share the true experience of your joy in the years the come.

We live in Thirroul and Sydney respectively and generally shoot from the South Coast of NSW up to the Hunter Valley, however we have shot weddings internationally as far away as the US, the UK, Switzerland, Thailand and New Zealand, and domestically as far as Perth and Brisbane. In other words, we are very open to travelling should the need arise…

Please contact us if you want to talk wedding!